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Win By Relying On Probability And Luck…Rather Than Just Luck

Unless you have an inside scoop on something, you are going to have to rely on luck when you are gambling, but why rely “Only” on luck? You can use gambling and betting systems, and if they work for you, then stick with them. Otherwise, it is up to you lower your chances of losing without sacrificing your big win. You can do this with just a little research, and by removing any emotional element.

What Is The Emotional Element?

Allow me to explain my own. When betting on horses, I bet using logic, probabilities, and online tips, but whenever I see a certain trainer, I will bet on his horses. Even if I am not sure his will win, I bet on them because his maiden horses helped me win a small fortune in the past. Maybe I think he is lucky, or maybe I am looking for lightening to strike twice.

When I bet on soccer, I always place a bet when the lead striker has been changed. For example, during the Euro 2016, the lead England striker Rooney was placed in midfield and a new striker was put up front, and I bet heavily. Luckily, I won, but I wasn’t using logic or probabilities, I was using emotion.

Despite the fact that I use emotion myself, you should not use it if you want to lower your chances of losing. Relying on emotion has cost me a lot of money in the past.

Look At Statistics And Find The Most Probable Winners

I use a website that gives away soccer statistics for free. It is a live score website that gives you all the information you need to increase your chances of winning by lowering your chances of losing.

For example, if you use their tipping function, you may sign into your free account and see probabilities on which teams will win, lose or draw. It gives you a detailed list of the statistics it uses to come up with the results that are the most likely to occur.

I placed a series of bets on favorites. The bookie seems to think they are going to win, so my chances of losing are a little lower. I then crosschecked these favorites with the statistics website. I poured through every selection I made. Some of the favorites I picked were not going to win according to the statistics website, so I removed them from my selections. In the end, I had a betting slip with ten selections as you can see with the image below.


I cannot show you the completed winning slip because I drew out the money when it reached £307. I was winning the two remaining games by a margin of two, but I lost my nerve and figured it still wasn’t worth for the sake of an extra £13. As you can see by the pictures below, I would have probably won the whole £320, but I was happy with £307.


I Am Not Making Promises

You should be skeptical of any article or website that claims to help you win money in any shape or form. To win the £307, I had to rely on probabilities, common sense, and “LUCK.”

The statistics website will frequently say that an outside with long odds is going to win. In that case, I will place £0.25 on the bet, not £100! That is just common sense.

My first port of call is always the gambling website. I check the favorites first to see which soccer teams the bookies think are going to win. I then check the statistics website to see if it agrees. I then use my own judgment. If it all looks good, then I place a large bet. If I am a little unsure, I place a smaller bet, or I amend my betting slip to lower my chances of a complete loss.


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