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Is mobile the next big thing for Casinos?


As of now there are hundreds of online casinos around the world. Many of which offer a standard experience for the players interested in having a little bit of fun.

Because all of the games are played in a browser or within a dedicated desktop client, some casinos started to innovated and bring the games on your smartphone just to bring a little diversity.

Some of the online casinos in New Jersey started to develop their of mobile application on which you can find you favorite table games or slot machines with just a few taps.

But is mobile the next big thing for casinos around the world?

Nowadays the grand majority of the people living on Earth have a smartphone. The smartphone is present in the lives of people that don’t have modern hospitals in their country, an efficient commute system or even an modern educational system. Its really that widely spread!

The smartphone comes as a portable personal computing devices and offers you entertainment and information right at you fingertips. This trend was spotted by the largest industries in the world and smarted to exploit it, so did some casino chains.

Now is the time for the online casinos to make experiences more intuitive and attractive for smartphone users

Because most of the smartphones are decently powerful, it’s super easy to build interesting applications and games that can spark the consumers interest.

In our case, online casinos can move the entire website in an app!

From the app you can send the user notifications, track more precisely its behavior and offer him a more relaxed experience, even on the go.

Smartphones offer the consumer the possibility to play a game of Poker right in the public transportation system when they come from a stressful day at work. And this flexibility of having the ability to play from everywhere, makes the user access the platform more often when they have nothing else productive to do and just wants to kill some time. No need to turn on the PC!

It’s true that one downside can be the app dimension. Including many features can make the app be colossal in size. But i strongly believe that time the memory of our devices will significantly increase and won’t be a problem also the coding procedure of apps with get major improvements to. Improvements that in the long run will give us the possibility to shrink an entire betting platform in an mobile app that has just a few mb in size.

Mobile is the future in general!

Mobile computing is the future in general for many niches and casinos can exploit this tech in a good way. The New Jersey revenues as reported by CNN are here to support that online innovation translates users playing online more.

They can make a more seamless experience for the end user and offer them different mediums on which he can enjoy a little bit of alone time. And also with the rise in popularity of mobile VR goggles, you can watch on the phone live how the dealers give you the cards. High Tech stuff now, but in the near future will be common practice for casinos around the world.

What do you think? Is mobile the future of casinos?


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