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4 Common Myths about Poker

Poker is one of the trending card games on the internet which is entertaining and thrillingat the same time. Millions of players play poker every day for fun, entertainment or to make money. The Indian Poker is widely played throughout the country. Millions of Indian players are associated with this game. But still, this game is widely misunderstood especially by non-poker players. Let us learn about some of major myths prevailing about the poker game:credit

Poker is Similar to BlackJack

Many non-poker players believe that this game is similar to another casino game – BlackJack. They believe that poker is totally based on luck and is no different fromBlackJack. But this is totally wrong. But in reality, Poker is the only game in casino which you are playing against the house and other players. Your winning chances will depend on your skills, not on your luck. A skillful player can end up winning the poker house.

Bluffing is Not Necessary in the game of Poker

Many people believe that bluffing is not necessary in poker, but this is not at all true. The harsh reality of many poker games is that you need to bluff in order to stay up in competition in the game. If you are truthful while playing poker, you may be out of the game in barely a few moves. You need to learn the skills of bluffing. But only a pro poker player knows the right time to bluff.

Strategies that worked years ago will work today as well

One of the major myths about poker that needs to be debunked is this one. No matter how rewarding a 10year old strategy was, you may not end up winning all the time as your fellow players would read the strategy in the gameplay. You must try to come up with new tactics to emerge as a winner of the poker house. You can even modify the old strategies a bit to improve your chances of winning. Try going with the least used strategies so that no one can catch you while bluffing.

Best Players will Win Consistently

Though, it is true that the best poker players win more money over a long period of time, but it is not at all necessary that the pro poker players will win the game consistently. If you have a better strategy than the pro players, you can be the winner of the house.

Final Thoughts

A number of people still have many misconceptions related to the poker game, but not all myths are true.

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